The Marinas of Rock Hall, Maryland

Along the shorelines of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, travelers will find a myriad of marinas. While they offer similar services, each marina has something unique – there’s something for everybody. It’s no wonder so many boating fanatics enjoy the hobby of cruising the shores of Maryland, getting an ample taste of every stop.

Naturally, the quaint charm of Rock Hall is no different, with plenty of renowned marinas in the area. Sometimes, the harbor’s facilities cater to those seeking a luxurious, long-term experience. Many even have hotels on-site ready to give the entire family a fun stay! Others supply transient vessels with an excellent place to unwind and fill up on some tasty New England cuisine. However, many marinas have options for transients and those looking for a home for their vessel.

The following list contains some of the best marinas in Rock Hall, Maryland have in store for boaters. Thus, if you want to see more details about each location, feel free to navigate to its website by clicking the hyperlink on its name.

Rock Hall Landing

The large harbor of Rock Hall Landing describes itself as a “first-class marina with direct access to the bay.” A bevy of online reviews from satisfied customers concur – and it’s not hard to see why.


Photo: Rock Hall Inlet,


Gratitude Marina

Servicing the community for more than 50 years, Gratitude Marina is a staple of Rock Hall. Naturally, the location is welcoming and convenient, with plenty of facilities.

Haven Harbor Marina

Haven Harbor is a fully-equipped, family-oriented marina and inn offering a truly luxurious docking experience. The on-site hotel, complimentary fiber optic internet, fitness center, and other modern amenities means travelers don’t have to sacrifice a thing when away from home.

North Point Marina

North Point Marina encourages you to “lounge and relax. Go Fishing. Take in some Sights” when you stay at their beautiful marina. Plus, it’s just a short bike or walk to downtown Rock Hall, Maryland.

Spring Cove Marina

Spring Cove Marina is a stunning, certified Maryland Clean Marina since 2001. Docking with Spring Cove means you’ll gain immediate access to free Wi-Fi, A/C bathrooms and showers, picnic areas, public grills, in-ground swimming pool, lawn and garden games, ice and soda vending, two free pump-out stations, trash removal, and oil recycling. 

Photo: Rock Hall Inlet,

Osprey Point Marina

Osprey Point Marina is a scenic marina in the heart of the Chesapeake that aims to “enhance your boating experience, both on board and ashore, with its attentive staff, floating docks and immaculate, modern bathhouse.”

Swan Creek Marina

Swan Creek Marina is the perfect embodiment of the quiet, scenic Eastern Shore. Their unique location is tucked away from other marinas, yet they’re still just a hop, skip, and a jump away from all that Rock Hall has to offer.

Grays Inn Creek Marina

Grays Inn Creek Marina is a family-run marina off of Grays Inn Creek…right at the mouth of Herringtown Creek. Featuring brand new facilities, Grays Inn Creek marina also has brand new docks, high-speed wifi, the cleanest potable water, and of course, tons of charm.

Lankford Bay Marina

Lankford Bay Marina is not only gorgeous, but they have a warm, friendly staff ready to cater your every need. They have everything you need for a fun, outdoorsy, stay. A true home away from home!

Photo: Rock Hall Inlet,

Rock Hall Yacht Club

Gorgeous yacht club with stunning views of the water! They offer everything you need for an enjoyable, golden sunset cruise on the Chesapeake.

Long Cove Marina

Long Cove Marina is in the perfect location if you’re looking to have a nice, relaxing summer evening on the water. Customers can enjoy the quiet that it offers, as it’s “far enough away from town to escape the noise but close enough to be convenient.”

Moonlight Bay Inn and Marina

The name is perfect for this marina because it’s just as lovely as it sounds. Visitors can find peace and solace in this cozy gem in the Chesapeake and enjoy a serene stay with gorgeous views and ample amenities.

We think that’s everyone! If you’re looking to dock up your family in a beautiful spot on the Chesapeake, we encourage you to explore the various scenic, well-kept marinas on the shores of Rock Hall, Maryland.

While you’re at it, we’d be remiss not to mention to stop into the Wheelhouse for a hearty meal or cold beverage! Our tiki deck is now open, and we have games and fun for the whole family. Plus, live music will be firing up soon, we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

Photo: Rock Hall Inlet,


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