So, You’ve Never Been to Rock Hall’s Museums?

It’s no secret that Rock Hall, Maryland is rich with Chesapeake Bay history. Having been visited by ships, boats, vessels, and yes, even a president, Rock Hall has a lot of stories to tell travelers.

You can hear these stories in the three different nautical museums in Rock Hall. Bring your family after a day of exploring the sites to immerse yourself in true Chesapeake heritage.

Waterman’s Museum

Watermans Museum.jpg
photo: Kent County Maryland


If you live in Rock Hall, Maryland, then you’re probably all too familiar with Waterman’s museum. But, if you’re of the many people who venture out of their way to explore the “Pearl of the Chesapeake,” then you may not have heard of it, or perhaps, just a quick mention in passing.

The Waterman’s Museum is easily one of Rock Hall’s hidden gems. It’s a small shanty directly adjacent to the Ditty Bag Store at Haven Harbor Marina.

You’ll have to obtain the key from Ditty Bag to look around, but it’s well worth it. After a day at Ferry Park, enjoying the water and the views, keep the nautical fun going by gazing at the many historical photographs, local carvings, artifacts, and boats.

Rock Hall Museum

photo: Rock Hall Maryland

The Rock Hall Museum is full of beautiful artifacts from Maryland’s Eastern Shore including decoy carving shop replica, marine trades artifacts, ship & boat models, fishing & oystering exhibits.

What makes it unique is that it has an emphasis on daily life in Rock Hall throughout the centuries (yes, centuries!) You’ll see interesting exhibits that give you a true glimpse into the community lifestyle, economy, and traditions.

Tolchester Revisited Museum

Image result for Tolchester Revisited Museum
photo: Rock Hall Maryland

Let’s face it, we all wish we could step back in time to when things were just a tad bit simpler. You had your boat, the water, and nothing stopping you from living the carefree nautical life you always wanted.

The Tolchester Revisited museum will allow you to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a time that’s come and gone. Exhibits feature artifacts, memorabilia, and photos.

How Do You See Them?

Like all things worth seeing, you have to do just a little bit of leg work to see these beautiful gems, though they’re quite worth it. Contact the Town of Rock Hall to set up a time to see them by calling below.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm


(410) 639-7611 X 110


5585 Main Street

Rock HallMD 21661

What Else Should You Do?

Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that after you’re done exploring the rich nautical heritage of Rock Hall, you should stop onto Wheelhouse for a cold, frosty brew and a delicious seafood dinner fresh from our kitchen! Stay for outdoor games or pull up a seat at the tiki bar. We’ll be waiting!

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