Maryland’s 10 Most Popular Beers

Describing Maryland’s brewing industry as prosperous is an understatement – it’s booming. Within the past decade, the number of breweries around the state has been steadily and quickly increasing. In fact, two of Maryland’s beers were recently ranked as some of the best in America!

Because of the boom, people have more opportunities to refine their palates by tasting different beers on a consistent basis. Who can deny the fun in that? That’s we opened the Wheelhouse- so we can provide the local scene with tasty brews!

However, it’s a fact that people tend to appreciate and flock towards suggestions. Typically, if everyone is falling in love with a particular brew, there’s a good reason. The following list enumerates Maryland’s ten most popular beers, as per consumer ratings. Moreover, the list goes over each beer’s ABV percentage and taste.

1. Stillwater Artisanal – Gose Gone Wild

Named in the aforementioned “best in America,” catalog, Still Water Artisanal’s Gose Gone Wild is a staple of the Maryland beer scene. In fact, Gose Gone Wild’s recognition is not the first time the local brewery received spotlight attention. From 2011 to 2017, they’ve been recognized as the “top 100 brewers in the world,” to the “best brewer in Maryland.”

Gose Gone Wild is a German-style sour wheat ale with an ABV of 4.3 percent. Beer-lovers describe it as crisp with hints of yeast. And, coming in with an ABV percentage on the low-end means it’s easy to enjoy often.

2. Flying Dog – Gonzo Imperial Porter

Image result for flying dogAlso on the “best of America,” list is Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter. A heftier 9.2 percent ABV entices those fond of the effects of alcohol to enjoy this beverage over others.

From Frederick, Maryland, the Gonzo Imperial Porter features a unique flavor blend of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla malt. Connoisseurs describe the beer as having a full, creamy body with a sweet aroma.

3. Flying Dog – Dead Rise

Again, one of Maryland’s finest brewers has a classic on their hands. Flying Dog’s Dead Rise is a new addition to their lineup. It sports a 5.6 percent ABV with a spicy taste. Lovers of beer describe it as having hints of lemon and a perfect mixture of spices.

4. Union Craft – Duckpin

Union Craft’s Duckpin beer rightfully conjures up images of bowling alleys, balls, and pins. In fact, the brew pays homage to the sport. The recognizable can comes complete with a bowling theme and orange color accents. Thus, the tropical flavor and aroma fit like a glove.

With a 5.5% ABV percentage and in-between bitterness, you can’t go wrong with Duckpin.

5. Brewer’s Art – Birdhouse

Pale ale drinkers genuinely appreciate the Baltimore native’s Brewer’s Art’s Birdhouse. This beer’s appealing can, fluffy texture, and refreshing citrusy taste gets the job done. Also, Birdhouse’s 5.00 percent ABV is ideal for those who prefer mild beers.

The best part? It’s available year-round!

6. Burley Oak – Blueberry Cobbler Related image

The rotating availability of Burley Oak’s Blueberry Cobbler sometimes makes it difficult to get your hands on it. However, the wait is well worth it. Coming it with an “outstanding” rating on Beer Advocate, the Blueberry Cobbler is a deserving local favorite in Maryland.

Featuring a 4.80 percent ABV and pleasant fruity taste, it’s not hard to see why.

7. Burley Oak – Local

A fitting name for a beer local to Berlin, Maryland! This American pale ale comes in at a drinkable 4.8 ABV and offers a crisp, medium body drinking experience.

8. Ocean City – Orange Crush

This local favorite is the ideal beverage to bring on a trip to the beach. Its fabulously tasty orange, wheat penchant and 5.00 percent ABV level means it compliments a summer retreat perfectly.Image result for ocean city brewing company

Unfortunately, Orange Crush is not in stock throughout the entire year. Fortunately, services like Tap Hunter give consumers the ability to track when and where it’s purchasable.

9. Full Tilt – Berger Cookie

For many, the most attention-grabbing attribute of the Berger Cookie is its taste. Vanilla and chocolate fudge infiltrate your palate granting Full Tilt’s brew a truly distinguishable, desirable essence.

And, at a comfortable 6 percent ABV, your buzz will be full and flavorful.

10. National Brewing Co. – National Premium

National Premium comes equipped with a subtle, earthy aroma and hints of spicy hops flavoring. Moreover, it’s full body and 5.00 percent ABV level means it goes down smoothly.

Also, the brew is very accessible, available year-round.

Ready for a cold one? Come on down to the Wheelhouse and see what we have on tap for Maryland’s finest brews!

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