Why You Should Support Local Restaurants

We often find ourselves looking forward to that fun night on the town – and, filling our stomachs with mouth-watering food, of course. Sometimes, grabbing a bite at a well-known national eatery is a quick solution to a hungry tummy when in an unfamiliar environment.

However, there is a reason people tend to scoff when someone utters the name of a big chain as a restaurant suggestion: it’s just not ideal. If you find yourself craving delicious food and professional service, your best bet is always to eat locally, like at the Wheelhouse Restaurant in Rock Hall, Maryland!

The many advantages of attending local restaurants are so impactful, the most die-hard McDonald’s fan would want to consider switching. Let’s look at four reasons why you should support local restaurants and avoid “chaining” yourself to chain restaurants the next time you go out.

Fresher, Tastier Food

Let’s face it: big restaurants under corporate entities have a habit of caring more about their bottom dollar than cooking with the best ingredients. As a result, these chains don’t always cook with the freshest ingredients possible. In fact, American produce that companies import typically takes a week and travels 1,500 miles before cooking time, according to LocalHarvest.org. Not to mention the bevy of chemicals on top meant to preserve the fruits and vegetables. That “fresh” salad doesn’t sound too appetizing now, does it?

Fortunately, local restaurants, such as the Wheelhouse, that source their ingredients from nearby producers serve customers far yummier, more flavorful food because of the boost in freshness. Generally, anyone who wants to ensure what they’re eating is as good for them as possible swears by local restaurants exclusively.

Higher-Quality Service

We’ve all been in the unfortunate situation of receiving inadequate service from the staff of a chain restaurant. Employees of these eateries usually do not have an emotional investment in their work. Thus, inattentive servers are commonplace at these locations. Sometimes, even the owners don’t care as much as they should!

On the other side of the coin are local restaurants. More often than not, the lives of the proprietors of local establishments revolve around their restaurants. For them, operating their place of business is more than a livelihood: it’s their life.

Customers enjoying food and creating memories are what puts smiles on local owners’ faces – not paychecks – and it shows. Especially, at the Wheelhouse. We’ve devoted our lives to serving our customers under a name you can trust and rely on.

It’s no secret that people far prefer businesses that go above and beyond regarding customer service. Naturally, eating locally is the best way to get that kind of dining experience.

Stimulate Your Local Economy

When eating at a chain restaurant, a good part of your bill goes sustaining the corporation that owns it. While the franchise does make some money, the benefit to your town’s economy is negligible compared patronizing a local establishment.

In addition to better service and fresher food, purchasing from restaurants in your area guarantees the money you spend stays local. There is no one on the other side of the country profiting from your business. Instead, it boosts the economy of your town! If you’re in Rock Hall, Maryland, you know just how special and necessary it is for our community that is.

It Only Gets Better

Unfortunately, the bureaucratic rules set forth by the franchisor (the umbrella company) of chain restaurants prevent improvement. Even if franchisees identify things that would benefit from a change, their ideas are unlikely to ever come to fruition. Thus, owners of chain restaurants often neglect to seek out ways to make customer’s experiences better and “go with the flow,” instead.

However, the proprietors of local restaurants, such as the Wheelhouse, thrive on feedback. They are involved in every part of the dining process and want to know how to improve their service. Because no one is telling them what they can’t do, implementations are swift.

Meaning, if a customer comes up with a good idea, it’s not unlikely to see it happen! In fact, next time you’re in, pitch us an idea!! Who knows? You might just see it in the future 🙂

Ready to support local? Come on down to the Wheelhouse Restaurant in Rock Hall, Maryland!

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