Looking For Something to do? Try the Kent County Maryland Farm Tour

(image courtesy of Eastern Shore of Maryland Realty)

Kent County is home to some of the most beautiful, thriving farms on the Eastern Shore! If you’re looking for something to do, hop in your car and followed the self-guided farm tour below. You’ll see over 60 working farms including horse, dairy, nurseries, and the ever-popular pick your own produce and grain farms.

The tour appeals to history buffs too, featuring “century farms” which are farms that have called Kent County their home for over 100 years!

The tour begins in Chestertown, where tourists will pass through Fair Hill, Chesterville, Galena, Rock Hall, Fairlee, and other Kent County towns.

Some farms are marked private, so it’s best to respect their wishes. However, stop in and visit, buy souvenirs and farm fresh goods at the ones that are open to the public.

Escape to the country and get back to the roots of America with the Kent County, Maryland farm tour.

You can learn more about the tour by clicking here and visiting the Kent County, MD website, or you can download the tour map by clicking below.

Download the Tour Map

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