The History of Crab Cakes

If you’re from the Mideast coast then the tiny wonderful morsel called the crab cake has likely been a common staple in your life. The abundance of crabs in this area has given birth to crabby wonders such as the crab cakes, crab picking, chicken Chesapeake, and a slew of other delightful nautical goodies involved the crab. The crab cake, ultimately, is the most delectable.

So where did these little gifts from above emerge from? Who’s the genius who first introduced us east coasters to this sensational treat?

Initially, crabs were considered to be a dangerous food to eat because little was known about them and they were viewed as bottom feeders, so naturally, there was some controversy as to whether or not they had any meat safe for human consumption.

It was the fisherman who toured along the Maryland coastline who first noticed the abundance of Blue Crabs in the waters in which they would fish. Soon enough, there was speculation as to whether or not they would be a suitable dish, and they soon mastered the art of carefully extracting the meat from the crab.

Because of their abundance along the Chesapeake Bay, and because the notions around them were starting to gradually be accepted regarding their consumption, they soon became a very popular ingredient for different Maryland dishes; the crab cake being one of them.

Many Maryland folks had caught on to the idea of adding breadcrumbs, butter, etc. to crab meat in order to form a delectable “ball” or cake design, but it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the actual term “Crab Cake” was born. In his cookbook titled, New York World’s Fair Cook Book, Crosby Gaige finally wrote and recorded both the official name recipe: “Baltimore Crab Cakes”.

Crab cakes just aren’t the same if they aren’t coming from the shores of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay, so we’re happy to share the delightful dish to anyone who wishes to indulge in them while here in Rock Hall, Maryland. Stop into the Wheelhouse Restaurant to taste Maryland crab cakes on the Chesapeake Bay.

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